Projecte 1 About

The HealthTech Cluster is a cluster initiative promoted by the Government of Catalonia to foster the competitiveness of the health technology sector. It became autonomous in June 2014 when 17 founding members decided to constitute a cluster organization. This sector is defined by companies from the medical device and eHealth industries that provide technological solutions to improve the health and wellness of persons and the sustainability of healthcare systems. The cluster is led by private companies but includes most agents from the value chain, such as hospitals, universities, research and technological centers and public organizations.

Projecte 1 Working groups

In order to implement the strategic plan several working groups have been created which are led by board members.

Working groups Liders
Internationalization AVINENT
Public Procurement for Innovation AQuAS i XARXA XISCAT

Projecte 1 Strategic plan

The board of directors has approved a strategic plan (2016-2018) with the following strategic areas:

Cluster Marketing and Branding. Networking
Public Procurement for Innovation Internationalization
Regulatory Affairs Innovation with Hospitals
Digital Health

Projecte 1 Board of Directors

Most of the members of the board of directors of the HT Cluster belong to the private sector, but hospitals, research centers and the public sector are also represented.

  • Albert Giralt President (AVINENT)
  • Albert Gallart Vice president (PULSO EDICIONES)
  • Àngel Alonso Secretary (VECMEDICAL)
  • Ramón Casals Treasure (ARBER SURGICAL)
  • Josep M. Escuer Member (NTE-SENER)
  • Jordi Serrat Member (AZBIL TELSTAR)
  • Lourdes Serra Member (OTHER SIDE MIRROR)
  • Ferran Laguarta Member (SENSOFAR MEDICAL)
  • Jordi Buisan Member (COSTAISA)
  • Jordi Rigau Member (SIBEL)
  • Manel González Member (CREB-UPC)
  • Joan Vila-Masana Member (HOSPITAL CLÍNIC DE BARCELONA)
  • Ramón Maspons Member (XARXA XISCAT)
  • Jordi Martínez Member (TICSALUT)

Projecte 1 Vision and Mission

The healthcare systems are facing a new paradigm, medicine is moving from a reactive mode based on treating disease, to a proactive mode called 4P Medicine.

  • Personalized, taking into account a person’s genetic or protein profile.
  • Predictive, directing appropriate treatment, and avoiding drug reactions.
  • Preventative, anticipating health problems and focusing on wellness, not disease.
  • Participatory, empowering patients to take more responsibility for their health and care.

And technology will be a key enabler in this transition. Thus, the mission of the HealthTech Cluster is to improve cluster competitiveness by means of promoting synergies and collaborative projects between its members.

Projecte 1 Value chain