Conscious Evolution on Human Design Development

We are living in a most exciting time in Earth’s History. It is a pivotal time, among enormous potential for us both as individuals and as collective members of the Human society. Additionally it is a time for us to step up and assume the role as mentors and caretakers of an Evolving Conscious Species. A requisite awareness and understanding of your own biology and its dynamic connected connection to all things is responsible activity. We can say that the Individual Bio-System was made to be the ultimate and perfected functional creative machine.

Human Design Development

It was designed to work with perfect precision, perfection and precision. Once fed information, the control centre would enter, process, and change an array of interconnected systems, spontaneously and autonomously based on its initial perfected command programmed data. Therefore, the ultimate and ideal operational Creative machine: self contained and self guided and click here to find out more. Our data entered, however, largely derived from our External Environment, is a continuous barrage of information input: Unfiltered, Uncensored and Unconscious. Just, all data is approved and its systems’ response is implemented.

With no viral security installed, the computer takes all programs and enters information. This Uncensored, Unfiltered, Unconscious information or input is plagued with computer viruses and inconsistent applications. If these entries are uncensored they are permitted to replicate and behave on the first programs and therefore produce a damaging effect on the system, cells and its operations generating misalignments or disease. Mechanics of the Human Biology System and its infinite interplay with Its unseen environment, we are recognizing the value of evolving our conventional understanding, and training to adapt these new notions and understandings to a New Experiential Paradigm of practice and learning.

In the show, The Sustainable Humane shall explore and learn to consciously experience how as human beings and intelligent life, we are informed where or how we are vibrating through our Emotional Guidance System. It is this sensitive Human GPS that finds human emotions as vibratory frequencies. It is these feelings, which are representative of energy interpreted as feelings, which are somatic manifestations of acquired beliefs, and patterns which needs to be used to direct us back into alignment. We will address the mechanics of how to recognize, correct and restore these misalignments by organically increasing our Frequency, which can be accomplished spontaneously by way of our energy area specifically and with led focus and intent to Supply frequency.

Source frequency, is described as pure consciousness, the inherent, primordial frequency which permeates though all of creation within this Universe. We will discuss how it is by access to the pure consciousness we start to reprogram our Biological System so that we could pick, influence and control our health and well being, beyond the self-limiting constructs and beliefs we have acquired as collective and individual members of the reality.