Future of A Sustainable Health Care System

The Vision of the Future

The vision of sustainable health care is the dream of an ideal health care system where treatment is administered without threat to natural endowments. It is the foresight of a practice that can be held up for years and years. Sustainable health care is indeed a necessity in this current sphere we exist in where there’s an extinction alarm ringing on natural resources.

It is a giant leap yet to be entirely taken by humanity. The enthusiasm and hope of that ideal society where health care would be available to all regardless of economic disadvantage or other peculiar circumstances sick people may subsist in. A system where patients can relish to the fullest the potency of a topnotch medical system anywhere they are at any time. It is that medical system where medical practices are such that they incur no harm whatsoever to people and the environment.

A Sustainable Health Care System

There are many thoughts and ideas along the lines of this vision. It is a dream that requires creative and innovative thinking, and there have been several local and global scale practices being advocated for today to ensure we have that ideal health care system where getting rid of ailments is a breeze and is done most efficiently and cost-effectively. Multifarious Challenges necessitate the vision for a sustainable health care system in the world, one of the foremost being environmental considerations.

The biosphere is fast depleting. The alarming fashion of this depletion has called the attention of many professional health care organizations in the world today.  Health care as much as it rescues from the effects of environmental decline also grandly declines the environment. Statistics in the United States shows that the health care industry alone generates nothing less than 3 tons of waste annually, that’s a huge number right?. It is not only the health industry that poses this significant threat to eco demolition. Other industries participate in this process. These other industries are the hospitality industries, restaurants in their little fashion and large factories with high production capabilities letting out vapor from giant exhausts. The threat posed by the health industry cannot be rated as insignificant with pharmaceuticals engaging in highly technical manufacturing means and production of products that are eventually toxic with radioactive wastes and poisonous emissions.

The environmental harm of the current health care has not even been thoroughly weighed. It seems to be innumerable. Some of the chemical constituents of drugs like mercury and the packaging of materials are sometimes danger posing in the long run. Materials with PVC are still being debated to see if they truly are reasonable and sustainable for the health.

It would be an endless list going through the harms posed by the health care system currently. Consumption of rare metals, biomass and the danger of x-ray products are also not left out.


When all these challenges are surmounted, and medical products are harmless to the individual self and the environment at large, only then can we boast of a sustainable health care system. This big goal is currently being pursued, and it is being funded by a lot of bodies today. They are heavily engaging in research in various health areas to minimize the consumption of natural resources and generally improve health care services. Technology is also not absent in the achievement of this grand vision, where all could access with the tap of fingers, sound health services. Doing some research on this exciting topic is essential. Should you ever come across a website not accessible to all and you are thinking can your ISP tell if you’re using a VPN, well the answer is just a plain No.